What is Blogtrotters ?

A digital adventure launched by two french bloggers, Tristan Mendès France and Alban Fischer in 2006.
Here is a sample of our videos in english (or subtitled).

The idea : we try to speak about issues dealing with memory, citizenship or environment around the world, using live interactive video-blogging.

How we do it : We go somewhere on the planet for 5 to 10 days. During the trip, we film and upload videos every day, stream lives (via digital cam or mobile phone) and integrate questions or suggestions sent to us via internet.

  • What are we doing ? Some could call that “interactive e-documentary“.

We started our project in august 2006. Our first videoblog was on the Cambodgian genocide (december 2006), our second dealt with the Armenian genocide in Turkey (march 2007), our third was on the Darfur crisis (Chad, may-june 2007). We focused on the memories of the 911 events in New York (september 2007), we then flew to Tuvalu in the South Pacific for our fifth edition on the climatic refugees (december 2007). In march 2008, we travelled to Kirghizstan to witness the soviet nuclear pollution. In june 2008, we went to New-Orleans in Louisiana where we tried to evaluate the situation 3 years after Katrina. Our 8th edition brought us in Lappland to meet the endangered Sami people. In our 9th edition (june 2010) we went to Argentina to speak about the disappeared during the dictatorship (see Global Voice‘s translation). Our last edition took us to Tunis for the first free elections in 2011.

Blogtrotters has been finalists of the 2008 Online Journalism Awards held by the american Online News Association, in the non-english small sites category.

NB : We are a non-profit french organisation. We maintain our activity through sponsorships and partnerships.

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